A little bit about me

I was lucky enough just to become a teenager when Elvis came on the scene, and my whole world changed.  I had been obsessed with music, particularly country music, from an early age, and had listened on an old valve radio to American Forces Network most evenings of the week.  I wanted to play a guitar, but at first had to make do playing a violin like a guitar.  Next came a mandolin with the back missing.  When Elvis appeared, my parents gave me an Elvis Presley plastic guitar for Christmas!  That guitar didn’t last very long, and I saved up and bought an acoustic, and the journey started.  My big hero in those days was Scotty Moore who played lead guitar for Elvis.


Over the years I had to put music on one side and earn a living with a normal job.  I did play semi-pro at one time, four nights a week whilst keeping the day job going.


All the while I loved writing songs, and recording in my own little studio.  When the pandemic arrived, music was the one thing to hold on to in the middle of the crazy times.


My songwriting heroes are really folk orientated, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tim Hardin, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, and with country, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.


My recording heroes are Brian Wilson and Phil Spector.


For musicians it has to be James Burton and Albert Lee.